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Nihon Kohden Reusable Spo2 Sensor U4M10S-36

Nihon Kohden Reusable Spo2 Sensor U4M10S-36

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Adult Soft tip

Nihon Kohden 2303 Life Scope I;2353 Life Scope L;
BSM-4102;4102 A;BSM 5105;BSM-6000;BSM-9101;Life Scope A;
Life Scope J;Life Scope P;PVM-2701; Life Scope S BSS 9800;
Life Scope M BSM-9510;Life Scope P BSM 4100;Life Scope A
BSM 5100;Life Scope L BSM2350; Life Scope I BSM 2301K;
Life Scope S BSM 2303K

Part Number : U4M10S-36


Manufacturer Model
Nihon Kohden

2303 Life Scope I; 2353 Life Scope L; 4103; 4111; 4113 4114A; 5135;

BSM-2301 BSM-2351; BSM-4101; BSM-4102; BSM 4102A; BSM-S10S;

BSM-6000; BSM-9101; Life Scope A; Life Scope J; Life Scope P; PVM-2701;

Lifescope S BSS-9800; Lifescope M BSM 9510; Lifescope P BSM 4100; Life

scope A BSM 5100; Lifescope L BSM 2350; Lifescope I BSM 2301K;

Lifescope S BSM 2303K


Category Reusable Spo2 Sensor
Compliance with

ISO 80601 -2-61,IEC 60601-1,IEC 60601 -1-2,ISO

10993-1,ISO 10993-5,ISO 10993-10

Latex-free Yes
Sterilized No
Cable Colour Blue
Cable Diameter 4.0mm
Cable Length 3.0M
Cable Material TPU Jacket
Patient end Soft
Patient size  Adult
Packaging Type Bag
Packaging Unit 1pcs/bag
SpO2 Technology Nihon Kohden
Warranty 12 months
Weight 0.54kg
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