PulseOx Sensors and Extension Cables (Reusable & Disposable)

  • Short SpO2 Sensors

  • SpO2 Adapter Cables

  • Direct Connect Sensors


Fixed One-Piece ECG Cables, Trunk Sets and Leadwires

  • One Piece ECG Cables

  • ECG Leads

  • ECG Trunk Cables


EKG Cables and NIBP Accessories

  • One Piece EKG Cables

  • EKG Accessories

  • NIBP and Temperature Probes


IBP, Transducers, Batteries and Temperature

  • IBP Adapters & Transducers

  • O2 Sensors & Batteries

  • Power Cords


Welcome to Medical Accessories and Cables MAC has been providing of quality medical equipments including ECG Cable, SPO2 Sensors, Heart Monitor, EKG Leads, Medical Battery, Pulse Oximeter, NIPB Cuffs and much more. Our extensive line of notions ranges from basic to specialty items.