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Mindray Reusable One Piece ECG Fixed Cable 23M12S

Mindray Reusable One Piece ECG Fixed Cable 23M12S

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3 lead snap end

Mindray>Datascope Beneheart D6;Beneheart T5;Benevue T8;DPM6;DPM7;
iPM-9800;MEC 1000;MPM;Passport 12;Passport 8;PM 5000;PM6000;T8;
Passport 2; Passport V; Spectrum ;Spectrum OR; V12 V21;Trio;Tel-
200;IMEC 8;IMEC 10;IMEC 12;IPM 8;IPM 10;IPM 12

Part Number : 23M12S


Manufacturer Model

Beneheart D6; BeneView T5; BeneView T8; DPM6; DPM7; iPM-9800;

MEC 1000; MPM; Passport 12; Passport 8; PM 5000; PM6000; T8;

Passport 2; Passport V; Spectrum; Spectrum OR; V12 V21; Trio;

Tel-200; IMEC 8; IMEC 10; IMEC 12; IPM 8; IPM 10; IPM 12


Category EGG (Reusable One Piece EGG Fixed Cable)
Compliance with AAMI ANSI EC53, ISO 10993-1, ISO 10993-5,ISO 10993-10 
Latex-free Yes
Sterilized No
Cable Colour Gray
Trunk Cable Diameter 5.0mm
Lead wire Diameter 2.6mm
Trunk Cable Lenght 2.5m
Lead wire Lenght 0.9m
Cable Material TPU Jacket
Patient end Snap
Packaging Type Bag
Packaging Unit 1pcs/Bag
Lead Number 3
Warranty 12 months
Weight 0.64kg
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