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MAC A8 Modular Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

MAC A8 Modular Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

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-17 inch

-For Respironics Co2 Option Add: $1450.00

-2 Years Warranty


Part Number : A8 Patient Monitor


A8 Patient Monitor ECG Heart/Pulse Rate-SPO2-NIBP-TEMP-RESP- 17" Touch Screen Global leading multi-parameter module EMS with display for seamless monitoring during patient transportation

-4 extension slots, flexible combination of  modules, support more than 20 parameters monitoring.

-Knob key operation, touch screen, easy operation, support mouse and keyboard

-Fanless design with low power consumption, dustless and noiseless, it helps to improve the service life of   the equipment.Approved by FDA for marketing in the U.S TWO years warranty including A2 Modular multi-parameter EMS patient monitor Optional MASIMO or NELLCOR SPO2 Add $575.00 Optional Respironics CO2 Add $1650.00 Optional Printer Add $175.00

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