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GE Healthcare - Datex - Ohmeda Disposable Spo2 Sensor N5M43-02

GE Healthcare - Datex - Ohmeda Disposable Spo2 Sensor N5M43-02

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Neonate 0.9M

GE Healthcare 3700;3710;3740;3770;3775;37xx Series;
3800;3900;3900P;4700;5250 repiratory gas monitors;
RGM;AS/3;Biox 3740;Biox 3760;Cardiocap/5 With N-OXSAT
option;CS/3;Modular Monitors with M-OSAT module;Modulus
CD;Oxicap;Rascal II;S/5;TuffSat 3775;Ohmeda TuffSat;
Ohmeda 3700;Ohmeda 3710;Ohmeda 3770; Ohmeda 3775;Biox
Ohmeda 4700;Ohmeda 5250GB;Cardiocap/5; As/3(Built in Module N-XOSAT);
CS/11(Built in Module M-OSAT)

Part Number : N5M43-02


Manufacturer Model
GE Healthcare

3700; 3710; 3740; 3770; 3775; 37xx Series; 3800; 3900; 3900P; 4700;

5250 respiratory gas monitors; 5250 RGM; AS/3; Biox 3740; Biox 3760;

Cardiocap/5 with N-XOSAT option; CS/3; Modular Monitors with

M-OSAT module; Modulus CD; Oxicap; Rascal II; S/5; TuffSat 3775;

Ohmeda Tuffsat; Ohmeda 3700; Ohmeda 3710; Ohmeda 3770;

Ohmeda 3775; Biox3740; Ohmeda 3760; Ohmeda 3800; Ohmeda

3900; Ohmeda 3900P; Ohmeda 4700; Ohmeda 5250RGB; Cardiocap/5;

AS/3(built in Module N-XOSAT); CS/11(Built in module M-OSAT)


Category Disposable Spo2 Sensor
Compliance with

ISO 80601 -2-61,IEC 60601-1,IEC 60601 -1-2,ISO

10993-1,ISO 10993-5,ISO 10993-10

Latex-free Yes
Sterilized No
Cable Colour White
Cable Diameter 3.2mm
Cable Length 0.9M
Cable Material PVC Jacket
Patient Size Neonate
Packaging Type Box
Packaging Unit 24PCS/box
SpO2 Technology Datex Ohmeda
Warranty 0 months
Weight 0.36kg
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