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  1. AAMB5-90S End

    Philips® Twin Pin Compatible ECG Lead Set M1623A

    ECG Lead for use with Philips M1500A trunk cable (see part number AAM-2385). 35 inch length.

    OEM M1633A M1626A M1613A M1605A (3 Lea... Learn More

  2. MTM End

    Mindray® TMS-6016 Telemetry Compatible ECG Leads 115-004871-00

    Mindray TMS-6016 and Tel-100 Telemetry Systems; also with Mortara and Mennen Telemetry Systems. 35 inches.... Learn More
  3. Philips Single ECG Leads
  4. APM5-90S

    GE® ApexPro® FH Compatible Telemetry Leadwires - 394111-010

    GE® ApexPro® FH Telemetry System. 35 inches.... Learn More
  5. MQMB5-90P

    GE® Logiq P6 / P6 Pro Compatible ECG Leadwires

    GE Logiq P6 / P6 Pro ultrasound systems. 35 inches.... Learn More
  6. LLM3-90S

    LL-Style Leadwires

    Bionet, Datex-Ohmeda®, Siemens, GE® Hellige, Kontron and Goldway with LL connector. 35 inches.... Learn More
  7. Din-Style Safety Leadwires

    Din-Style Safety Leadwires

    DIN style. 35 inches. ... Learn More
  8. ECAM3-90P

    NEC ECG Lead Set

    All NEC systems. 35 inches.... Learn More
  9. Colin ECG Lead Set

    Colin ECG Lead Set

    All Colin systems. 35 inches.... Learn More
  10. Draeger® Infinity Vista Delta ECG Lead Set 5956441 5956458

    Draeger® Infinity Vista Delta ECG Lead Set 5956441 5956458

    Draeger's. Also with Fukuda Denshi monitors using 3, 5 or 10 leads. 35 inch length.... Learn More
  11. MDMB6-90S And MDMA6-90S

    Physio Control® Lifepak Compatible Leadwires 11110-000102

    Physio Control Lifepak. Use trunk cable MDM-21027. 35 inch length. Compatibility: Manufacturer Model Medtronic : Physio Control Lifepak 11, Lifepak 12, Li... Learn More
  12. Draeger® Lead Set with HF M35363
  13. MQMB6-90P

    GE® Multi-Link® ApexPro® CH Telemetry Leadwires

    GE® ApexPro® CH Telemetry System. 35 inches. ... Learn More
  14. MGM3 End

    Criticare® Compatible ECG Leadwires 1124-A3, 1124-A5

    Reusable Criticare ECG leadwires for the Criticare ECG trunk cable 1123. 35 inch

    OEM 1124-A3 (3 Leads) 1124-A5 (5 Leads)... Learn More

  15. BM3 End

    Bionet ECG Leadwires

    Reusable Bionet BM3 leadwires for Bionet ECG trunk cable. 35 inch ... Learn More
  16. End

    GE® Marquette® ECG Lead Set 416467-004

    ECG leads for use with trunk cables for: Marquette® with Multi-Link® connector. 35 inch length.

    OEM 416467-004 (3 Leads, Snap) 4112... Learn More

  17. DXM5-90 End

    Datex-Ohmeda® Pro1001 Compatible ECG Lead Set 8001958

    OEM 545327-HEL, 545315, 107328 (3 Leads, Snap) 545317-HEL, 8001958 (3 Leads, Clip) 545328 (5 Leads, Snap) 545318, 545326, 8001959-HEL ... Learn More

  18. SLM5 End

    Spacelabs® Compatible ECG Lead Set

    To be used with trunk cables for : Tru-Link Spacelabs Connectors. 35 inch length.

    OEM 700-0006-008 (5 Leads, Clip)... Learn More

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