Disposable NIBP Cuffs with BP12 Connector (Soft Fiber)

Disposable cuff with 1 hose or 2 hoses for use with Colin, Datascope and Spacelabs monitors. Box of 5. With BP12 plastic NIBP connector included.

Sizes Available:

Adult (23-33cm)
Small adult (17-25cm)
Pediatric (12-19cm)
Infant (8-13cm)
Large adult (31-40cm)
Thigh (38-50cm)


M4572B (Infant)
M1874A (Infant)
M4573B (Pediatric)
M1875A (Pediatric)
M4574B (Small Adult)
M1876A (Small Adult)
M4575B (Adult)
M1877A (Adult)
M4576B (Adult Extra Long)
M4577B (Large Adult)
M1878A (Large Adult)
M4578B (Large Adult Extra Long)
M4579B (Thigh)
M1879A (Thigh)

Part Number: N1610S-C12-05, N1610D-C0808-05, N1620S-C12-05, N1620D-C0808-05, N1630S-C12-05, N1630D-C0808-05, N1640S-C12-05, N1640D-C0808-05, N1660S-C12-05, N1660D-C0808-05, N1670S-C12-05, N1670D-C0808-05, N1690S-C12-05, N1690D-C0808-05

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