Disposable NIBP Cuffs with BP03 Connector (Soft Fiber)

Disposable cuff with 1 hose or 2 hoses for use with Colin, Datascope and Spacelabs monitors. Box of 5. With BP03 plastic NIBP connector included.

Sizes Available:

Adult (23-33cm)
Small adult (17-25cm)
Pediatric (12-19cm)
Infant (8-13cm)
Large adult (31-40cm)
Thigh (38-50cm)

Part Number: N1710S-C03-05, N1710D-C1818-05, N1720S-C03-05, N1720D-C1818-05, N1730S-C03-05, N1730D-C1818-05, N1740S-C03-05, N1740D-C1818-05, N1760S-C03-05, N1760D-C1818-05, N1770S-C03-05, N1770D-C1818-05, N1790S-C03-05, N1790D-C1818-05

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